Know your goals.

The Adviserists provide high-leverage organizational strategies used in small and large companies across nearly all professional sectors. All members of an organization can benefit from learning about strategic planning in more detail. Understanding the key aspects of the process and effective implementation strategies is especially critical.

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What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning is a process used by organizations to identify their goals, the strategies necessary to accomplish those goals, and the internal performance management system that will be used to monitor and evaluate progress.

Most organizations use a SWOT or gap analysis to identify the underlying factors driving their current performance. This, in turn, informs the selection of the most high-leverage strategies to create change.

The strategic planning process culminates in the development of a strategic plan document that serves as the organization’s collective roadmap.

While each organization is unique, the essential elements of any strategic plan include:

  • Clear mission and vision statements to frame the context o f the document
  • Clear timelines for strategy implementation and progress monitoring
  • Quarterly benchmarks or objectives that will inform progress towards annual goals
  • Indication of the individuals and/or offices responsible for each strategy

It’s time for a roadmap.

Organization and direction at a company level is paramount. The Adviserists come to the table with a clear plan forward for your organization. Let’s uncover the pain points, set some goals, and raise the bar!

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