Rosnee Joshi

Rosnee Joshi

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From her roots in luxury hotel and restaurant management Rosnee has worked her way up through the years crafting her expertise in the field of sports and entertainment with a focus on the frontline team member journey. In her years with the San Jose Sharks Rosnee partnered with individual department managers companywide year over year to successfully target, recruit, select and hire the best possible applicants for both full-time and frontline teams. Rosnee was directly in charge of the development, implementation and monitoring of a continuous result orientated employee training program that encompassed classroom, remote and hands on style training. In the role of Recruiting and Training Manager she led the development and orchestration of ongoing company wide workshops for Emergency Preparedness, ADA Compliance and Quality Guest Service. Rosnee executed the role of the ambassador of the Sharks Sports and Entertainment People Management Plan and oversaw the success of its implementation and continuous development. As the Ushering, Emergency Medical and Suites Hospitality Manager for the Sharks Rosnee directly oversaw a team of over 300 part-time ushers, suite attendants and emergency medical employees. Her passion is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience through effective crowd management, security and the implementation of best practices for an exceptional guest experience. Most Recently, as Director of Guest Services she implemented COVID-19 Safety Protocols for all Sharks Sports and Entertainment facilities including many contributions to the development of various reopening plans. Rosnee is a firm believer in the importance of D&I, and was an originally appointed member of the SSE Teal for Change Council in which she oversaw the development and implementation of new frontline team training and policies focussing on diversity and inclusion. Rosnee is a firm believer in the importance of community culture and has worked with many San Jose organizations and nonprofits to bring “life” to the streets of downtown where she has resided for many years.

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