Ronnie Parker

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There’s something to be said about connection when it comes to working where you were born and raised. Reno has always been my home, and to watch it grow and change, and help brands grow and change alongside it, has been one of the great joys in my life. I care about the mountains, lakes, rivers, and high desert that surround this great city, and that love is translated into the local brands I work with.

Though I was born in Reno and live here now, I went to art school in Denver where I was able to flex my creative chops and live the ski bum lifestyle for a while. Packing my car to the brim, I headed to the mile-high city for a change of scenery. However, I would argue that Reno and Denver have a lot in common, which is probably what eventually brought me back.

Some of my personal accolades include:

Building set design for Sister Act. Yes, that Sister Act. (Whoopi Goldberg’s a great lady.)
Designing the University of Nevada’s new logo.
Served as creative director for many reputable local agencies.
Managed my own agency and design shop

Now I stay busy managing my own small, yet robust, digital marketing agency called RhinoHub which I run with my partner, Cody Knight. As creative director, I take a brand’s big ideas and actually make them happen. My competitive side starts to show when I put my director’s hat on most likely stemming from my jet ski racing days.

When I’m not brainstorming and streamlining processes with the rest of the Rhinos, I’m spending time boating, skiing, or fly fishing on the beautiful Truckee River with my family.

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