Mitch Rogatz

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Mitch Rogatz founded and built Triumph Books - the nation's most prolific, celebrated, entrepreneurial sports book publisher. 

During his almost 30th years of ownership and stewardship, Rogatz published the autobiographies of the most respected, revered players and coaches across major sports and markets.   This included the intimate life stories of hall-of-famers like Whitey Ford, Gayle Sayers, Rod Laver, Bobby Hull, Walt Frazier, Dan Marino, Tommy LaSorda, Paul Hornung, Ben Hogan.  Rogatz's amazing team produced instant, crash-into-market, celebratory tributes on the Red Sox, the Yankees, Cubs, Red Wings, Dodgers, Marlins, Bears, Duke, North Carolina, and many, many  more.   Totally market-driven, Rogatz produced and distributed tributes on Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Dale Earnhardt, Ted Kennedy - saturating markets within 3-4 days - that hit #1 on the New York Times national best-seller list.  Beautiful, oversized coffeetable books, and official reference books with the likes of the NFL, NCAA, NHL, PGA TOUR, USGA, USTA, MLB...  Rogatz's relationships extended into B-to-B channels for multiple international desk references with the likes of world headquarters of Arthur Andersen & Co. (on the emerging NAFTA and  European Community) and Leo Burnett (international media).

Rogatz sold Triumph to Bertelsmann (Random House), lead his team of passionate, committed, talented professionals as President, and re-purchased the Company five years later, and approaching the 30th year anniversary of its founding, Rogatz ultimately sold Triumph - ensuring his team's ongoing support and the company's reputation.

Rogatz began his career as a CPA with Arthur Andersen, followed by earning his MBA from the University of Chicago - with stints in venture capital and Brand Management at the Quaker Oats Company.