Derek Douglas

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Derek Douglas is a Creative Consultant and muralist who works with small business owners, private clients, live events and corporate clients to assist with brand strategy, art curation and large-scale art installations.

Derek believes in the power of a successful brand while curating digital and tangible visuals to give first time clients an impression that they will not easily forget.

Derek has worked as a mural or fine artist for companies that include the Life Is Beautiful Festival, University of Kansas, The Plaza Hotel, The Siegel Group and The City Of Las Vegas.

In addition to Creative Consultant services, Derek and his wife Juliet own a Specialty Coffee Shop in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District called Golden Fog Coffee. Despite opening in October 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Golden Fog has quickly built a strong reputation while successfully establishing brand recognition in a matter of mere months.

Prior to Derek's art-centric career, he operated Interweb Giant Inc., specializing in internet marketing consulting and project management services for private clients. His focus was on affiliate program marketing, SEO, social media promotion, content management and operation management.

Most recently, Derek was the co-founder of a cyber security startup called River Oakfield. Acting as COO, the company sought to combat cyber threats and reduce business risk for large scale corporations.

Derek proudly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he was also a Division 1 student athlete on the tennis team.


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