Cody Knight

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As a Graphic Designer at RhinoHub, my main focus is good branding and telling the client’s story. I’ve been lucky enough to work with high-powered and influential clients such as Wells Fargo, KOA, and the High Fives Foundation to get their message across through design, creative campaigns, and digital and traditional marketing efforts.

As a graphic designer, creating a face for a brand is what I’m good at, among many other things. But I think the most important thing, which most designers miss, is working with the client with their own voice and vision.

A brand should be consistent across all platforms. Branding should have a story that moves an audience while making it stand out from the rest. These are all tall orders and disconnects can be glaring. I have enough experience to make sure that the power of the brand stays strong, that the story shines through design authentically and consistently.

The way I work led me to start my own digital marketing company with my partner, Ronnie Parker, which we named RhinoHub. As an agency, we help bring brands to life while telling their stories through their digital presence. It’s part technical, part creativity, and as an artist, it’s where I thrive.

Here’s a little bit more about me:

• I’ve worked as a graphic designer with national and local customers creating company websites ranging from start-ups to corporations.
• I’m a well-rounded designer who specializes in photography, video editing, and web and print design.
• I’m personable, yet organized, which allows me to manage my team well.

My designs are unique because of my lifestyle. From hunting in the backcountry to snowboarding to motocross to scuba diving, getting outside rejuvenates me and helps my ideas around design become reality. I also love to travel. I’ve been to 20+ countries to date and by meeting new people and experiencing other cultures, I can build using my many adventures.

I look forward to telling your brand’s story.

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