Charlie Bishop

Charlie Bishop

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Dr. Charles Bishop received a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Georgia. As a part of his doctoral work, he was awarded a 6-month fellowship in community mental health with Harvard University. For twenty years he held senior level positions in recognized Fortune 100 firms undergoing significant change. Those firms-in several challenges in well-known organizations, such as FedEx (Start-up), Bank of America (Moving from Good to Great); Baxter, international (Continuous Improvement) and, ADT (Turnaround). In his consulting he has helped and support to senior level teams across many industries in a variety of challenges in the Human Capital Area.

He is most widely known for his ability to assess talent using a process he invented while working closely with the CEO of FedEx --Fred Smith in their early start-up days, using ‘just a conversation’. This is the one-day Human Asset Inventory®. As a result of that he has received strong recommendations from CEO's and C-Level Executives as to the impact of his work. For, example,

Dr. Will Ferniany, the CEO of the University of Alabama Health System remarked: “I can say without a doubt that the work of Dr. Bishop is the most important process we used at the University of Pennsylvania Health System to take us from ‘Good to Great’; at another Health System it was the difference in our making the Turnaround we absolutely had to undertake’.

Fred Smith, the CEO of FedEx remarked: ‘The necessity of Change is now a universal business mantra. Charlie Bishop provides an excellent blueprint for making change a reality rather than a slogan”.

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